What is the Pro Polyamory world and how does one live in it?

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This website is not just a dating site, but has a vision to gradually create a safe space for everyone who wants to share their view of the world and meet new people. Without prejudice, without condemnation, without fear! It would be an exaggeration to say that together we are building such a world within the world. A world where the basic values ​​of interpersonal relationships still apply, such as tolerance, openness and the effort to understand the other.

As the name suggests, the Pro Polyamory world was primarily created for polyamorous people . But for me, as the author of this project, polyamory has never meant just the possibility of having multiple relationships at once. It is something much more, and a true polyamorist simply has an open heart to the core, whether he lives alone, in a couple, or in a thousand-way variation of several people. Yes, polyamory is about love and relationships. But not about how many people you sleep with, but whether you can share your inner world with others.

And because in the "normal" world around us there is a lot of misunderstanding and reluctance to recognize and above all to accept other people as they are are, you can meet people in the Pro Polyamory world who have decided to change that and open their hearts. Now it is up to us, what kind of world we will create between us. If you like our vision, recommend this site to your friends and acquaintances. The more of us there are, the more we can provide better services and develop new features or organize different events at your request.

Logo Pro Polyamory

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